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Start of autumn: magnificent light at the most beautiful natural harbour

Start of autumn: magnificent light at the most beautiful natural harbour

While in other countries in northern Europe it is now slowly getting cooler and the weather is becoming autumnally chilly, Mallorca welcomes the coming winter in a very different way. With quite warm, pleasant and late-summer temperatures, the beginning of autumn here finds its quiet beginnings. The main summer travel season is now over. The island is slowly but surely emptying itself of the multitude of tourists from all over the world, who have long since returned home to their everyday lives. Where there was a hustle and bustle during the summer time, it is now slowly becoming clearer, more pleasant and above all quieter. The beaches and restaurants are rather empty. And so it is still pleasant to swim in the Mediterranean Sea at temperatures around 25°C or to make contemplative excursions to the places worth seeing and into the interior of Mallorca.

Autumn is also harvest time on Mallorca. And so the grape harvest is about to begin, giving rise to hopes for tasty results.

To get into the right mood for the last quarter of the year, the time should also be used to catch the last warm rays of the sun outside in nature or on the terrace. This is particularly successful at the most beautiful natural harbour of the Mediterranean, Puerto Andratx. This is embedded in a dreamlike landscape. Of course, Mallorca is also particularly attractive here at this time of year. In Puerto Andratx, the magnificent late summer light and the pleasant tranquillity there put you in the right mood for the coming quiet times of the year and you can relax and look forward to winter and reflect on the past: With these pleasantly wonderful temperatures, you can start the day in one of the wonderful cafés on the harbour promenade in Port D’Andratx, for example. Enjoy a café con leche with croissant or ensaimada with a fantastic view of the harbour and the hills opposite, glistening in the morning sun. – Just as you please, a relaxed Majorcan start to the day, in one of the most beautiful places on Mallorca. For this wonderful atmosphere, Mallorca is always worth a visit at this time of year.

The fact that everyone is much more relaxed now than in midsummer also applies to the exquisite restaurants. During a delicious dinner, ideally with a magnificent sunset over the sea, you can now chat with the nice waiters or waitresses in a very comfortable way…

If you are looking for peace, tranquillity and above all a bit of originality, this is the right place.

Sonnenuntergang in Port Andratx