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Hiking to St. Elm, enjoying nature at late summer temperatures

Hiking to St. Elm, enjoying nature at late summer temperatures

Also in Mallorca, people who enjoy hiking will find a wonderfully pleasant atmosphere. If you want to experience the interplay of the landscape, Mallorca is the right place for you. For here on Mallorca you will find magnificent mountains, views of the sea as well as the interior; Mallorca is a worthwhile hiking destination. Especially the late summer autumn invites you to breathe in the now pleasant Mediterranean autumn air on a long hike and enjoy the peace and quiet. Those who are enthusiastic about hiking have many opportunities to pursue this passion in Mallorca. The Tramuntana mountains are not the only place to do so.

Why not explore the wonderful natural landscape of the southwest of Mallorca in a leisurely manner, on a rather long walk. From Port Andratx to Sant Elm, for example, you can experience nature from its very own side. Especially the pleasantly mild temperatures invite you to take such a long walk of a special kind. On this tour you can still enjoy the late summer sunshine, so it is pleasantly warm and yet you will hardly break into a sweat while walking. The initially steep path pays off throughout. You will be rewarded during your walk with wonderful views over Mallorca’s southwest coast to the sea and insights into the interior. Once you arrive in St. Elm, you will also have a view of the island of Sa Dragonera (The Dragon Island). This uninhabited island, which covers an area of about 400 hectares, takes its name from its shape, which is reminiscent of a dragon.

The island of Sa Dragonera has been protected since 1995, serves as a breeding ground for many sea birds and is also very popular with hikers. The climb to the 353m high lighthouse Far Vell from the 16th century is especially worthwhile. From here you have a unique view over the island and the west coast of Mallorca. From April to October you can reach Dragonera by boat from Port D’Andratx and St. Elm.

Sant Elm itself is rather quiet and contemplative. Surrounded by wooded foothills of the Tramuntana mountains, there is a small sandy beach. The cosy restaurants offer you freshly caught fish or seafood. An ideal destination for a hiking holiday. – And of course you take a clear conscience with you from every hike. Because: sporting activities are not only good for body and soul, but you will also get very close to the wonderful nature of Mallorca.

So there is plenty to discover even outside the high season. Mallorca never gets boring