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Almond blossom: the island becomes colourful, sniff the spring scent

Almond blossom: the island becomes colourful, sniff the spring scent

While in many places in Germany you have to be content with cold temperatures, the weather on Mallorca is usually quite different. Slowly the quiet beginnings of the Mediterranean spring are becoming apparent here, with pleasant double-digit plus degrees, with warming, long-awaited sunrays. This mild climate also slowly but surely brings flora and fauna to life. Many things start to sprout and grow again. The island becomes ‘differently’ colourful.

A special spot of colour on Mallorca is now the blossoming of the almond trees. There are almost seven million of these beautiful pink and white flowering trees on the island. They grow wild or cultivated in almond tree plantations. The mild temperatures allow the buds of the almond tree to open already in the first months of the year. If you want to experience this wonderful natural spectacle live, real and up close, you should book the next flight and set off for the Mediterranean island as soon as possible. Because the almond blossom time is short. Depending on the weather, February and March are the ideal months. It enchants the island with the colours white and pink. A natural spectacle of a very special kind for nature lovers, hobby photographers or for all those who simply want to enjoy this highlight. – And how did the almond trees come to the island? Originally native to Central and Near East, the Moors brought them to Mallorca around the year 900, like many other things. There was then a boom in almond trees in the 19th century: Due to the phylloxera plague, many winegrowers had to find a new basis for their livelihood: they planted almond trees. By the middle of the 20th century the island was the world’s largest contiguous almond growing area.

The fact that the almond tree with its fruit, the almonds, is an important part of Mallorca is also reflected in the typical specialities of the country. The Mallorcan almond cake ‘Gato de Almendra’ or the ‘Turron’, which is offered everywhere especially at Christmas time, are only two examples of this. Also very popular are almond liqueur or almond oil made from Mallorcan almonds. Majorcan almonds are very tasty. They have a high fat and sugar content. Handmade almond products, awarded the quality brand ‘Almendra Mallorquina’, are highly appreciated by gourmets, far beyond the island.

Almond trees are more common in the west of Mallorca and inland. Also around Andratx you can admire the almond blossom. So, let’s go into spring and enjoy this grandiose natural spectacle. Another highlight worth seeing on the ‘Isla de la luz’.

Mandelbäume auf Mallorca